Previous Strathmore Trophy Challenges

Computing at the University of Dundee has hosted the Strathmore Trophy since 1996. Here's a selection of previous challenges that competitors have faced...

2017 - Fitness Bands

Winner - Arbroath Academy

Teams were asked to find alternative uses for fitness bands, beyond their current use.

2016 - Smart Watch Applications

Winner - Baldragon Academy

Teams were asked to find a real life problem and solve it by designing a smartwatch application. Each team created a poster to sell their idea and an interactive prototype using Processing.

2015 - App Creation

Winner - Braeview Academy

Teams were tasked to design an Android application using the AppMaker from MIT, and pitch their ideas to a panel of experts.

2014 - Technology T-Shirt

Winner - Braeview Academy

Wearable technology is becoming more and more mainstream with the launch of smartwatches. Pupils were invited to design a t-shirt with sensors that can interact with the environment and the body.

2013 - Pinterest Time Capsule

Winner - Harris Academy

Young people of today are amongst Scotland's first Digital Natives, and will live their lives in a world full of digital technology. The task for this year was to build a Time Capsule on Pinterest by choosing 8 photos/videos that the pupils wanted Digital Natives in 1,000 years time to see when looking back through history.


Winner - St John's RC High School

In the year of the London Olympic and Paralympic games, the task was to design and build a physical interface to control a sport-themed game. Participants were given a set of games and a variety of different electronic sensors and input devices, with the challenge being to devise the most appropriate interface for their selected game.

2011 - Virtual tour

Winner - Braeview Academy

QR (Quick Response) codes are an effective tool for launching web pages on mobile devices. They have found widespread use with advertisers, to provide more information about a product, and museums, to provide interactive content about exhibits.This year's task was to help build a virtual tour of the Queen Mother Building by creating content that would be display when QR codes, placed around the building, were scanned.