Strathmore Trophy

Monday, 24 June 2019

What is it?

Computing will once again be hosting the annual Strathmore Trophy on Monday 24th June 2019 from 9.30am-2pm. This year we are inviting teams of 4 S2 pupils from local schools to take part. No prior programming experience or advanced planning will be needed as pupils will be briefed on the competition on the day, and there will be Computing staff and students on hand to provide assistance.

The day will begin in the Dalhousie Building (Campus Map) and then move to the Queen Mother Building, to start the activity. We will provide a sandwich lunch, before returning to the Dalhousie Building to announce the winners.

This competition has now been running since 1996 and has been a great success. Mary, Countess of Strathmore, has donated the trophy which will be presented to the winning team by our special guest, from the British Computer Society (BCS), on the day.

Details of the competition will be revealed on the day. Before then, you can see previous competition themes here.

If you have any further queries please contact Anne Millar:

Email -
Telephone - 01382 388085

Previous Years

Computing at the University of Dundee has hosted the Strathmore Trophy since 1996. Here’s a selection of previous challenges that competitors have faced.

2019: Digital Assistant for Users who are Unable to Speak

Winner: Bathgate Academy

S2 pupils from across the East of Scotland were challenged to design a new digital assistant for users with complex communication impairments, who have poor or no speech and difficulties in using a conventional keyboard.

Read about the wining team from 2019

2018: Password Entry to 2018 Against Shoulder-Surfing

Winner: Balwearie Academy

Teams were asked to find alternative methods for password entry that prevents people guessing their password by peering over their shoulder as they enter, e.g. for entering a passcode on a mobile phone.

Read about the wining team from 2018

2017: Fitness Bands

Winner: Arbroath Academy

Teams were asked to find alternative uses for fitness bands, beyond their current use. 

2016: Smart Watch Applications

Winner: Baldragon Academy

Teams were asked to find a real life problem and solve it by designing a smartwatch application. Each team created a poster to sell their idea and an interactive prototype using Processing.

2015: App Creation

Winner: Braeview Academy

Teams were tasked to design an Android application using the AppMaker from MIT, and pitch their ideas to a panel of experts.

2014: Technology T-Shirt

Winner: Braeview Academy

Wearable technology is becoming more and more mainstream with the launch of smartwatches. Pupils were invited to design a t-shirt with sensors that can interact with the environment and the body.

2013: Pinterest Time Capsule

Winner: Harris Academy

Young people of today are amongst Scotland's first Digital Natives, and will live their lives in a world full of digital technology. The task for this year was to build a Time Capsule on Pinterest by choosing 8 photos/videos that the pupils wanted Digital Natives in 1,000 years time to see when looking back through history. 

2012: Arduinolympics

Winner: St John's RC High School

In the year of the London Olympic and Paralympic games, the task was to design and build a physical interface to control a sport-themed game. Participants were given a set of games and a variety of different electronic sensors and input devices, with the challenge being to devise the most appropriate interface for their selected game.

2011: Virtual Tour

Winner: Braeview Academy

QR (Quick Response) codes are an effective tool for launching web pages on mobile devices. They have found widespread use with advertisers, to provide more information about a product, and museums, to provide interactive content about exhibits.This year's task was to help build a virtual tour of the Queen Mother Building by creating content that would be display when QR codes, placed around the building, were scanned.